Nozzle Sizing and Calibration Charts

Application Chart (metric)

Need to find the right nozzle size for your application?  Sometimes a simple chart is the easiest way to figure things out.  Print it and place it in your sprayer cab. In this chart, identify your water volume along the top row, and follow the column until you encounter the travel speeds you’re interested in. […]

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Diluting 20,000-Fold with a 30 Gallon Remaining Volume in a 1,200 Gallon Tank

(An addendum to this article) Our goal in this example is to dilute by a factor of 20,000. The maximum amount of dilution possible with a 1,200 gallon tank and a 30 gallon remainder is 1200/30=40. The formulae: Dilution per Rinse = final dilution ^(1/# of rinses) Rinse Volume = (dilution per rinse * remaining […]

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How Clean is Clean?

One of the more perplexing questions in tank cleanout is knowing when the cleaning process is good enough to prevent harm. This question is especially relevant to producers that grow canola and use Group 2 herbicide products, or grow soybeans and use dicamba on some of their area. In both of these examples, crops can […]

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