Biobeds for Pesticide Waste Disposal

One of the most challenging aspects of a spray operation is the disposal of leftovers or rinsate containing pesticides. Let’s be honest, too much of it is drained onto the ground in a corner of the yard or the field. Nobody’s happy about that, nobody’s proud of it, but what are the alternatives? Waste disposal […]

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Hydraulic Fittings: A Galling Metallurgical State of Affairs

So it’s been a long spraying season and as you perform your annual maintenance you grudgingly admit that the hoses have given their all. Before you run out to get more of the same, give some thought to the hydraulic fittings (i.e. hose adaptors and couplers). Many feel that stainless steel (SS) is the best […]

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Sprayer Tank Cleanout

With in-crop spraying right around the corner, sprayer tank clean out is an important topic to address on your farm. Many farms have done the same clean-out routine for years and not had any issues with contaminating residues in the tank resulting in crop damage. Although the old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix […]

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An Easier Way to Clean Your Sprayer

Farming can be divided into pleasant and unpleasant tasks.  Seeding is pleasant.  Hauling oats or barley not so much.  Sprayer cleaning is…not.  And yet it’s the unpleasant tasks that are often the most important.  How can we make them better? We all know the need for a properly cleaned sprayer.  Herbicide residue can harm a […]

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Cleaning Your Sprayer

Sprayer Cleaning

We all know the importance of cleaning out a sprayer. It protects a sensitive crop. It protects people working with the sprayer. It protects the sprayer and its components. But cleaning the sprayer is a pain. Here are some tips to make it easier. Some herbicide label instructions are cumbersome, requiring many flushes with full […]

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