Operator Safety: How to Avoid Pesticide Hazards

Pesticide Warning Symbols

A Veteran Applicator’s Questions about Pesticide Handling Time and again, after years of working with dozens of different chemicals, I would wonder to myself “How dangerous is this chemical?”, “Is glyphosate as safe as they say it is?”, “How do I find out what type of safety gear I need while handling this chemical?” Beyond the agrichemical […]

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Adjuvants – Stickers & Spreaders in action – Video

Spreader/Surfactant penetrating wax paper to get to water-sensitive paper.

If there’s one thing we can count on, it’s receiving a question about tank partners at least once a week. Quite often, the question is about adjuvants. There are so many out there and each of them claims to improve pesticide performance substantially. How do you know which, if any, to use? Adjuvants do everything […]

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Biopesticides: Holy Grail or Giant Pain?

25 million nematodes.

Biopesticides are a rapidly growing segment in horticultural pest control. While they are often billed as green “miracle cures”, applicators should be aware that they require unique considerations. Issues with lifespan, target specificity, and application technology can all impact their efficacy. However, like any pesticide application, careful planning can minimize wasted time and money. Typically […]

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Droplet Behaviour on Waxy Leaves With and Without Surfactant – Video

Dr. Heping Zhu (USDA, Ohio) created some amazing videos using controlled water droplets and waxy leaves. Here we see how water beads up on a waxy leaf, and as it evaporates, the area touching the leaf surface remains small (top video). However, by adding a non-ionic surfactant to reduce surface tension, considerably more spray contacts […]

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Choosing a New Tank, Burn-off Tank Mixes & Nozzle Swapping – Video

Tips with Tom - Title

How often do you test spray-water quality and what do you do if you’ve got hard water? If you’re looking to replace your spray tank, is stainless still the way to go? What about double nozzles — are they really the bees knees? The questions surrounding these aspects of spraying come up very often. Tom […]

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