ExactApply Primer

ExactApply is an application system capable of PWM, introduced by John Deere in August, 2017, with its first customer field season in 2018. ExactApply offers several unique features that differentiate it from the existing systems. Here is a brief description of its major components and capabilities: Nozzle Body Design: AutoSelect Mode: Pulsing Mode Nozzle Selection […]

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Nozzle Sizing and Calibration Charts

Application Chart (metric)

Need to find the right nozzle size for your application?  Sometimes a simple chart is the easiest way to figure things out.  Print it and place it in your sprayer cab. In this chart, identify your water volume along the top row, and follow the column until you encounter the travel speeds you’re interested in. […]

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Pulse Width Modulation For Newbies

I was recently asked to describe Pulse Width Modulation to a non-farming audience. My instinct was to send them back to what we’d already written about the topic on Sprayers101, here and here. But on reviewing the material, I soon realized that most of our posts assume a certain amount of basic knowledge and understanding. What […]

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