The Sprayer Operator

Spray application is one of the most important activities regularly done in any crop operation. It can also be one of the most expensive and time-consuming. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a multi-step process that helps sprayer operators make informed choices about when and what to spray. But, the decision to spray is not the end […]

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Alternate Row Spraying

Alternate row spraying is an application method where the air-assist sprayer does not pass down every alley during an application. The sprayer operator is relying on the spray to pass through one or more rows and provide acceptable coverage to the entire canopy (or canopies) on a single pass. Some state agencies promote this spraying […]

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Strategies to Spray the Top of a Canopy

The original Munckhof deflectors were reversed, and a larger set of extensions were fabricated and attached.

Orchardists, nurserymen and hop growers share something in common – they want to get spray to the top of a tall plant canopy with as little waste as possible. The tops of trees, for example, are a primary site of infection as they filter spores from the air, so fungicide coverage is critical. Spraying the […]

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Hol Spraying Systems – Canadian airblast gets an upgrade

The first modern airblast sprayer was developed in the mid 1900’s, but competed with existing equipment before it was adopted by the majority. As you can see below, we’ve come a long way. As application technology continues to evolve and grow, so does the array of choices facing growers. Provide Agro (a subsidiary of N. […]

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Airblast Pressure Gauge Accuracy

Two gauges keep each other honest – this GB (Italian-made Good Boy) is sporting a home-made assembly that cost ~$50 to assemble, including the second gauge. The silver spray paint on the black pipe prevents rust and makes it look pretty darn sharp.

Many operators use budget pressure gauges on their sprayers and have never changed them or tested their accuracy. This makes assessing sprayer performance and output difficult. Sprayer performance has a direct impact on coverage, efficiency, and efficacy because a faulty gauge may cause you to spray more or less product than you intended; read more […]

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