Six Spray Technology Skills for Agronomists

Agronomists help farmers manage their crop with advice on everything from crop cultivars to fertilizer rates to marketing. It’s challenging to be an expert on everything, but a few core competencies can go a long way to improving the level of service. Agronomists are also responsible for communicating environmental best practices. Along with fertilizer rates […]

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How to Calibrate an Airblast Sprayer Operator

Speaking with Ontario apple growers in 2011

When an extension specialist, equipment retailer or consultant is asked to calibrate an airblast sprayer, they would be well advised to calibrate the sprayer operator as well. Consider this: you and the operator are each investing three hours (average) to optimize the sprayer for a specific set of circumstances: the crop dimensions, density, and the […]

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Application Recordkeeping: Focus on Environmental Conditions

Note: This article was written by Bob Wolf of Wolf Consulting and Research, and first appeared as an NDSU Extension Service publication. Bob has agreed to reproduce the article on our website. When applying crop protection products, a good steward is one who can identify and record the environmental factors that may negatively impact making an application; particularly, […]

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