Airblast for small acreage specialty crops

The Carrarospray ATVM (200 L pictured)

In June, 2014, I was invited to Durocher Farm in New Hampshire to see their new airblast sprayer. In years previous, spotted-wing drosophila was a significant pest in this two acre high bush blueberry planting. Since purchasing their new sprayer, they haven’t had any trouble. That’s quite an endorsement! I’m not sure what I expected, […]

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Airblast Spring Start-up and Winterizing

Any description of airblast sprayer start-up must, contextually, make assumptions on how it was winterized for long-term storage. This cyclic relationship is why I use a chicken-and-egg title slide when giving this presentation. The inability to describe one process without the other is further complicated by the possibility that the sprayer is brand new and was […]

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Putting a Number on Pesticide Waste

Waste (noun): an act or instance of using or expending something to no purpose. In agriculture, environment and economy are intertwined. Producers strive to obtain the maximum return on their inputs. They study incremental returns and avoid applying more inputs than necessary, especially if conditions don’t warrant it.  The financial incentive is powerful, and waste […]

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Homegrown Sprayer Rebuild – Fixed Tower

It was Saturday morning in April, 2016 when I received an email from Steven Bierlink, an orchardist in Washington State. He was curious about the impact of air induction nozzles on lime-sulphur applications (intended to thin apple blossoms). Work-life balance notwithstanding, I happily grabbed a hot cup of coffee and we got on the phone. It […]

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Selecting a Sprayer Pump

When I had to replace a pump on a small scale sprayer, I had a lot of questions about how they worked, their capacities, hose sizes, mounting solutions and fittings. I turned to the Pentair Hypro Shurflo catalog and found a very helpful guide on pages 2 – 10. This article summarizes the steps recommended […]

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