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Boom Heights at Fan Angles Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to calculate the minimum boom heights needed for various applications. Some caution: The values are theoretical and assume the fan angles are accurate. Some nozzles don’t produce the advertised fan angle. Enter your actual angle in the spreadsheet The theory assumes ...Read More

Torturing Numbers: Basic Statistics for Growers

Spring and fall are conference and lecture season in agriculture, and this is when we’re presented by a flurry of PowerPoint  research results. Sometimes it’s agrichemical reps promoting new pesticides. It could be seed dealers comparing yields. Maybe it’s equipment dealers illustrating return on investment or ...Read More

Sprayer Turn Compensation

Turn compensation is a feature in pulse width modulation (PWM) sprayers in which nozzle output matches the boom’s speed during a turn. When turning, the inside and outside of a boom travel at different speeds, resulting in over-dosing on the inside and under-dosing on ...Read More