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Arag Microjet Rate Chart

A new variety of Arag microjets is available to ginseng growers. They are an improvement over the older version insofar as they are more easily calibrated and held at a given rate thanks to a lock nut. They are still, however, somewhat finicky when trying ...Read More

Spray Quality and Volume Matrix

We often write about how valuable water sensitive paper can be to visualize and assess the coverage we’re getting from a specific application method.  A handy reference is this matrix that combines both factors.  Print it and use it in the field to compare what ...Read More

Tank Rinse Dilution

If you have a limited amount of clean water to rinse your sprayer, this app can help you decide how to make the best use of it.  Simple enter two values – the amount of pesticide remaining in your tank sump (including the suction ...Read More