Airblast travel speed

Here, in no particular order, are the most common airblast-related questions: What nozzles should I use? How do I adjust my air settings? How much volume should I use? How fast should I drive? The first three questions have long answers that are covered throughout the website and in Airblast101. Travel speed, however, is easy: […]

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Validate airblast output – nozzle calibration

The SpotOn SC-4 calibration vessel is much easier, faster and more accurate than the classic pitcher-and-stopwatch approach to timed output tests.

Sprayer math is important. It ensures the operator applies the correct product rate and has enough to complete the job. But, it assumes the airblast sprayer is behaving as expected… and it often doesn’t. After confirming the airblast travel speed, use one of the following methods to assess sprayer output. There are pros and cons […]

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Assessing Airblast Coverage

This article describes a method for assessing airblast sprayer coverage based on a protocol developed by Dr. David Manktelow (Applied Research and Technologies Ltd., NZ). It was co-written with David Manktelow and Mark Ledebuhr (Application Insight, LLC, USA). Why assess coverage? Airblast sprayer configuration can require a lot of guesswork. There‚Äôs too much time between […]

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Air Orientation for Wrap-Around Sprayers

One of the pleasures of working in agricultural extension is when you’re able to help a grower solve a problem. This was one of those happy occasions. An orchardist purchased a Lipco multi-row recycling sprayer and wanted help evaluating their spray coverage. We worked in 3.7 m (12 foot), mature, high-density Royal Gala trees. The […]

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Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.10): Airblast Coverage

Here in Episode 10 of Exploding Sprayer Myths we’ve coaxed @Nozzle_Guy back into the orchard. This is part two of a two-part mini series on airblast calibration. In Episode 9 we talked about air settings and travel speed, and now we’re tackling nozzling and coverage. But here’s the twist: Rather than use spray math to […]

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