Calibration & Air Adjustment Articles

How to Properly Set Up a Crop Sprayer

Article reprinted with kind permission from an original article written by Oliver Hill in the February, 2017 edition of Farmers Weekly. Photos ©Kathy Horniblow. Crop spraying is one of the most important and highly skilled jobs undertaken on any arable farm, but it is facing increased ...Read More

Validate Sprayer Output: Nozzle Calibration

So, you’re calibrating your sprayer. You’ve confirmed your ground speed, operating pressure (airblast here, field sprayer here) and selected nozzles (airblast here, field sprayer here). That means your sprayer should spray the predicted rate, right? Well, perhaps… but quite often when we calibrate a sprayer with math, reality has ...Read More

The Pressure Gauge Shows More Than Pressure

Kim Blagborne (Slimline Manufacturing) has long said that the pressure gauge on an airblast sprayer indicates more than just pressure. It can be used to diagnose a number of pump and plumbing issues… if you know what to look for. Here’s Kim’s troubleshooting guide ...Read More