Cleaning & Maintenance Articles

Sprayer Tank Cleanout

Submitted by Katelyn Duncan, Agronomist with Northland Agronomy and a farmer in Regina, Saskatchewan. With in-crop spraying right around the corner, sprayer tank clean out is an important topic to address on your farm. Many farms have done the same clean-out routine for years and not ...Read More

Tank Rinse Dilution

If you have a limited amount of clean water to rinse your sprayer, this app can help you decide how to make the best use of it.  Simple enter two values – the amount of pesticide remaining in your tank sump (including the suction ...Read More

Selecting a Sprayer Pump

When I had to replace a pump, I had a lot of questions about how they worked, their capacities, hose sizes, mounting solutions and fittings. I turned to the Hypro-SHURflo catalog and found a very helpful guide in the few first pages. This article ...Read More