“What is spray drift?” & “Equipment and methods to reduce spray drift”

CropLife Canada and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs partnered in 2012 to develop two educational videos on pesticide application best management practices in an effort to educate, and hopefully to reduce the incidents of spray drift. The first video, ‘What is Spray Drift?’, highlights the various causes of spray drift. The […]

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Is it OK to Spray in the Early Morning? – Tips with Tom #2

Tips with Tom - Title

It’s early morning on a bright, clear day. The sun is just starting to climb. There’s a heavy dew on the crop. Should you still head out to spray? Well, the dew is one thing, but there’s a much larger factor at play here that should factor in your decision. Whether or not you should […]

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Tank Rinse Dilution

If you have a limited amount of clean water to rinse your sprayer, this app can help you decide how to make the best use of it.  Simple enter two values – the amount of pesticide remaining in your tank sump (including the suction line to the pump and the return line to the tank), […]

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