Drift Articles

Evaluating an Anti-Drift Adjuvant using Airblast

Most pesticides are either pre-formulated with the required adjuvants, or the label specifies their addition. However, compelling claims by manufacturers create interest in tank mixing additional adjuvants to improve some aspect of pesticide performance. In a previous article we advised caution when using adjuvants in airblast sprayers (see here). Specifically, ...Read More

Disease Control in Berry Crops

In the spring of 2016, the Ontario Berry Growers Association (OBGA) conducted a survey of its membership to poll how fungicides were being applied. The results were very interesting. Fungicide basics Generally, fungicides registered for berry crops are contact products, so coverage and timing are very important. ...Read More

The Case for Low-Drift Sprays

“Should I be using low-drift nozzles?” It seems like a simple question with an obvious answer. We all want to reduce spray drift, and this easy-to-use technology is the fastest way to get there. And yet, the question is more complicated than it first ...Read More