Hydraulic Fittings: A Galling Metallurgical State of Affairs

So it’s been a long spraying season and as you perform your annual maintenance you grudgingly admit that the hoses have given their all. Before you run out to get more of the same, give some thought to the hydraulic fittings (i.e. hose adaptors and couplers). Many feel that stainless steel (SS) is the best […]

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Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.3): Nozzle Pressure

Tom and Jason - Myths Season 1

Here’s the third in our series of short, educational and irreverent videos made with Real Agriculture.We wanted to explain where pressure readings are taken on a sprayer and why it’s so important to know what pressure your nozzle is experiencing, rather than what the screens in your cab are telling you. Not only does pressure […]

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Operator Safety: How to Avoid Pesticide Hazards

Pesticide Warning Symbols

A Veteran Applicator’s Questions about Pesticide Handling Time and again, after years of working with dozens of different chemicals, I would wonder to myself “How dangerous is this chemical?”, “Is glyphosate as safe as they say it is?”, “How do I find out what type of safety gear I need while handling this chemical?” Beyond the agrichemical […]

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Exploding Sprayer Myths (ep.1): Rate Controllers

This is the first of a series of short, educational and irreverent videos made with Real Agriculture to bring a little levity to sprayer education. Let’s face it – ironically, nozzles can be pretty dry. This first video discusses what a rate controller can be expected to do, and what it cannot do. Plus, we […]

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Experimental Hops Sprayer

Test the sprayer plumbing and stability

First, a warning… In 2013, when this sprayer was constructed, Ontario’s hops acreage was expanding for the first time in many years. While there were a few large operations, most were small acreage hobbyists and part-time hops growers that did not have any experience spraying the crop. The latter operations recognized a need to spray, […]

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