How Low Can You Go?

There’s a lot of talk about lowering the boom to reduce drift and make twin fan nozzles more effective. But how low can we actually go with a boom before striping becomes a problem? We’ve done some calculating and have come up with answers. First, a few guidelines. Tapered flat fan nozzles require overlap to […]

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Boom Heights at Fan Angles Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet to calculate the minimum boom heights needed for various applications. Some caution: The values are theoretical and assume the fan angles are accurate. Some nozzles don’t produce the advertised fan angle. Enter your actual angle in the spreadsheet The theory assumes that the droplets at the edge of the fan always move […]

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What is Delta T and why is it important for spraying?

Humidity is important in spraying. With the average tank of pesticide being 90 to 99.5% water, evaporation plays an important role in both droplet size and active ingredient concentration. Low humidity causes droplets to evaporate faster, potentially increasing drift and reducing uptake. But relative humidity (RH) isn’t the best way to measure this effect because […]

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Dual Fan Nozzles in Broadleaf Crops

The location of water-sensitive papers in the potato plant canopy. Two plants were papered for each nozzle.

Wondering which (if any) dual fan nozzle to buy? Symmetrical? Alternating floods? Asymmetrical? Well, first, understand they are intended for vertical targets, like wheat heads.Here’s a diagram of how they are (ideally) supposed to work: Here’s our very own @Nozzle_Guy, Dr. Tom Wolf to tell you all about them. Now understand they don’t seem improve […]

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ExactApply Primer

ExactApply is an application system capable of PWM, introduced by John Deere in August, 2017, with its first customer field season in 2018. ExactApply offers several unique features that differentiate it from the existing systems. Here is a brief description of its major components and capabilities: Nozzle Body Design: AutoSelect Mode: Pulsing Mode Nozzle Selection […]

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