Pesticide Drift and Communication

Staged photo of a Yasi spraying water. Source unknown.

When it comes to information about mitigating pesticide drift, it’s plentiful and easily accessed. I have an archive of >30 articles written by Ontario Ministry of Agriculture staff spanning 1999 to present day. Many are on this website. In fact, there’s so much good information out there it feels like there’s nothing left to say. […]

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Airblast Spraying in Poor Conditions

For many airblast operators, the spring of 2019 has been very difficult. The frequency and duration of rain events has left limited opportunity for orchard sprays. Even then, the periods between rains are transitions between warm and moist conditions and cold fronts, which makes wind gusty and changeable. These same periods leave wet alleys prone […]

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Evaluating Electrostatic Spraying in Carrot

This research was performed with Dennis Van Dyk, OMAFRA Vegetable Crop Specialist. In 2018, MS Gregson introduced a line of electrostatic sprayers (the Ecostatik) in Canada. While electrostatic technology has been used in agriculture since the 1980’s, this is the first time ground rigs have been so readily available to Ontario (possibly Canadian) growers. The 3-point hitch […]

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Electrostatic Spraying in Agriculture

Dear reader: This article is intended to provide basic information on how electrostatic sprayers work in an agricultural setting. The author does not sell or manufacture sprayers. If your interest is related to spraying disinfectant in private or commercial settings, please contact retailers or manufacturers of electrostatic sprayers. Electrostatic nozzles have been tested in agriculture since […]

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What is Delta T and why is it important for spraying?

Humidity is important in spraying. With the average tank of pesticide being 90 to 99.5% water, evaporation plays an important role in both droplet size and active ingredient concentration. Low humidity causes droplets to evaporate faster, potentially increasing drift and reducing uptake. But relative humidity (RH) isn’t the best way to measure this effect because […]

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