Airblast Budget and Work Rate Calculator

There are many factors that affect the work rate of an airblast application. If an operator can improve their work rate, without compromising spray efficacy or safety, they improve operational efficiency and save money. But how does each variable factor in? Is it worth the cost of a tender truck and operator to fill more […]

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Strainers (aka Filters)

The level of filtration required for any given spray operation depends on the materials sprayed and the nuisance factor: That is, the balance between lost productivity from plugged nozzles and the effort required to address them during rinsing. There are opportunities to install strainers at the tank opening (usually a basket), the suction-side of the […]

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Airblast Spraying in Poor Conditions

For many airblast operators, the spring of 2019 has been very difficult. The frequency and duration of rain events has left limited opportunity for orchard sprays. Even then, the periods between rains are transitions between warm and moist conditions and cold fronts, which makes wind gusty and changeable. These same periods leave wet alleys prone […]

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The Challenges of Spraying by Drone

Spray application by drone is here. It’s common practice in South East Asia, with a very significant proportion of ag areas now treated that way. Estimates from South Korea, for example, suggest about 30% of their ag area being sprayed by drone. It’s in the US, too. The Yamaha RMax and Fazer helicopters, which pioneered […]

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How to Calibrate an Airblast Sprayer Operator

Speaking with Ontario apple growers in 2011

When an extension specialist, equipment retailer or consultant is asked to calibrate an airblast sprayer, they would be well advised to calibrate the sprayer operator as well. Consider this: you and the operator are each investing three hours (average) to optimize the sprayer for a specific set of circumstances: the crop dimensions, density, and the […]

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